Headquartered in Maxwell, Texas, approximately ten miles northeast of San Marcos and only 30 minutes from Austin and 45 minutes from San Antonio, NHI currently owns approximately 46 acres of land between these major cities and is located only three minutes from the newly constructed I-30 toll way. Expansion in the San Marcos-Austin-Round Rock corridor of Texas was ranked #1 in the United States by Forbes magazine in 2014. Between now and 2050, Texas will grow significantly, with this part of the state expanding by as many as five million people.

It is at the NHI headquarter offices where day-to-day operations, program design, testing and evaluation takes place. These offices are also used for annual certification training programs for community volunteers, as well as for training local youth and college students in the Central Texas area. NHI’s campus maintains three buildings: the Esther Nieto Administration Building, the Alumni Retreat Center and the Old Main Mansion. Plans are underway to construct new buildings including the Loma Linda Conference Center, Administration Building, and eventually, residential capacities for overnight guests.

Currently the Institute provides programming, curriculum development and training, multimedia production, and many other activities that support Latino community leadership development and education.

A goal of a stand-alone campus would allow NHI to host its own summer youth leadership programs as well as provide a space to be utilized year-round for NHI related events such as facilitator training, meetings/conferences, alumni networking events and fundraising activities to name a few. In addition, NHI’s space could provide needed meeting space to local businesses and residents of Caldwell and Hays counties.

Another exciting possibility includes enhancing NHI-TV, NHI’s multimedia component, through construction of a media facility. This multimedia component of NHI can be utilized in partnership with educational institutions to reach a far larger audience through virtual programming.

NHI also maintains a Leadership Service Center office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at Villanova University to support outreach and recruitment efforts in the northeast U.S. as well as parts of Latin America.

NHI’s current annual participant demographic includes: 45% from Texas, 15% from the Northeast, 10% from the Midwest, 10% from Colorado/New Mexico, 5% from the West Coast, and 15% from Latin America and the Caribbean including Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Panama, and Mexico. Under its current model, with a flagship campus, NHI has the potential to increase its programming throughout the U.S., with new constituencies in Washington, Florida and New Mexico. Additionally, NHI’s seeks to establish an office presence in the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, as well as Latin America in Panama and Mexico.