Change a Life Leadership Campaign

The Change a Life Leadership Campaign provides alumni of the National Hispanic Institute with the means to help support a student to attend NHI summer leadership programs.

Every year since 1981 NHI has had students who didn’t pay their full tuition because they couldn’t afford the entire amount at the time.  Assistance was given to them.  Never the entire amount, but certainly some help.

Today, thirty-six years later, the number of young men and women who attend NHI leadership programs have gone from the original 162 Austin, Texas youth who formed the very first class to 2,300.  More important, today’s NHI summer program participants represent 323 high schools, 21 states, and 4 countries.

Even with all the progress in the number of students who attend and diversity of backgrounds represented among these bright, forward thinking young men and women, financial need continues to exist.   Not everyone is in the position to pay the full amount of their tuition, although the amounts remain highly accessible to the pocketbooks of most parents.

The Change a Life Campaign was designed to quietly make assistance available. This campaign is your opportunity to financially support a strong candidate to attend an NHI summer leadership program. No other programs for Latino youth offer such a hands-on, lasting impact on the mindsets of youth regarding their important leadership roles in the future.

The Change a Life Campaign runs from April 1 to June 1, annually, however donations can be made at any time during the year.   During this time, our fundraising goal will be $50,000 to help complete the tuition of students who need a helping hand. If we expect our young minds to sense the confidence that comes from knowing someone else cares, then you will join us this year and make your presence known.

Thank you to those who take part of this important undertaking. You will be the difference between helping a young person be in attendance or being turned away from an NHI summer program. It will mean a lot to a young person to know that someone in the NHI family cares enough to make a difference.

NHI Staff Contact:

Paola G. Hernandez
512-357-6137 x207