The Collegiate Leadership Network is the undergraduate leadership training arm of the National Hispanic Institute. It provides NHI alumni in college with an organized setting through which they can strengthen their support network of NHI peers and continue their leadership journey.

The college years are often difficult for NHIers because they experience a disconnect with their home communities. At the CLN, they learn about ways to remain engaged as college age volunteers and broaden their understanding of how to impact Latino community life.

NHI  seeks to explore other themes relevant to NHI college students such as managing the emotional, psychological, and cultural stresses of the undergraduate college experience.

During Celebración, CLNers are introduced to community social entrepreneurship. They are given an opportunity to work as mentors to high school age youth, with the intent of helping them create community social entrepreneurship projects. Participants test their own abilities to inspire and spark discussions that lead to creative projects to benefit the community. They also have the opportunity to reflect on their own leadership abilities, social dynamics, and inspiring others. It is a lesson in community leadership like no other!

Most importantly, CLN students become acquainted with the NHI Alumni Organization to develop their long term commitment to the organization.