NHI Leadership Training Faculty

Acknowledging Our Faculty
They annually come in all age ranges, life experiences, and backgrounds. The adults are college graduates, themselves former participants, a few who attended the organization’s first statewide program. All of them follow the same educational pathways. They graduated from college, are students in college, or are planning to attend college once they finish high school. Over 800 of them annually volunteer in one capacity or another. The Board Chair, Michelle-Saenz Rodriguez does double duty. As a practicing attorney, she chairs the NHI Board of Trustees, but also helps to direct the Texas LDZ, along with with her husband and attorney partner, George Rodriguez, who also provides counsel services to NHI. NHI’s long list of volunteers with professional credentials run deep. They are alumni of Stanford, Southwestern, Harvard, the Ohio State University, University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley, Florida State University, Boston University, George Washington University, University of Delaware, Vassar College, Wesleyan University, and others. And it does not stop at board levels. NHI volunteers who serve in other program capacities hold similar credentials, having attended the University of San Francisco, Texas Christian University, University of Rochester, Notre Dame, and the list continues. The one common experience that holds all of these former participants together is in pursuing a shared mission and vision of advancing the equity share of the Latino community in the American experience.  There are no words to thank these outstanding individuals for so many years of faithful service.

2018-2019 Faculty Listing – Updated February 1, 2019