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What is the LDZ?

The LDZ, or Lorenzo de Zavala Youth Legislative session, is a competitive and  transformative experience crafted for future community leaders. Students form a cohort of 150 delegates ages 16-17 in community positions that propose, review, and adopt policies to advance the Latino community. The week-long quest covers a broad array of skills, competencies, personal growth opportunities, social relevance, and topics of national and international relevance to Latino quality of life.

This year, NHI will host three in-person LDZ programs and one digital LDZx (virtual) and will primarily serve former Great Debate and GDx students. For more information on availability for new NHI members, please email admissions@nhimail.com.


Who is eligible to apply for the LDZ?

All students are welcome to apply for the LDZ if they meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • In the 10th or 11th grade
  • Has a GPA of 3.2 or higher on a 4.0 scale
  • Are second-year NHI members only

What does the admissions process look like?

  1. Complete online registration and submit a $25 registration fee.
  2. Upload a recent report card or transcript (last reporting period for 2019-2020 school year accepted)
  3. Enrollment Office reviews the application within 1-3 business days.
  4. Upon acceptance, please  pay a $150 non-refundable deposit within 10 days.
  5. Upload the completed Parent Release Form.
  6. Complete final tuition payment by assigned deadline. (flexible payment plans available).


What are the program dates?

The dates for 2021 LDZs vary by location.

  • LDZx: July 25 - 31, 2021 | Virtual
  • California LDZ: July 11-18, 2021 |  www.sandiego.edu
  • Colorado LDZ: June 27 - July 4, 2021 | www.colostate.edu
  • Texas LDZ: July 11-18, 2021 | www.austincollege.edu

Where will the LDZ occur?

The LDZ is able to take place due to the generosity of our host institutions. The locations for in-person LDZs are as follows:

  • California LDZ: University of San Diego, San Diego, California (sandiego.edu)
  • Colorado LDZ: Colorado State University - Ft. Collins, Ft. Collins, Colorado (colostate.edu)
  • Texas LDZ: Austin College, Sherman, Texas (austincollege.edu)

The LDZx is a remote LDZ, so your student will participate from home. 

What are the program requirements? 

All participating students must:

Program Fees & Tuition

What is the cost of the LDZ/LDZx?

The cost of the LDZ and LDZx is broken down into distinct fees, all of which will culminate in supplying your student with the adequate resources for a fulfilling and fun leadership experience. 

The in-person LDZ tuition includes:

  • A $25 dollar required and non-refundable application fee
  • A $150 dollar required and non-refundable deposit
  • The actual program tuition:
    • NHI Student Club Rate - $920*
    • Non-NHI Student Club Rate - $1,125
The remote LDZx tuition is as follows:
  • A $25 dollar required and non-refundable application fee
  • A $150 dollar required and non-refundable deposit
  • The actual program tuition:
    • NHI Student Club Rate - $620*
    • Non-NHI Student Club Rate - $750

Be part of the NHI Student Club for $50/year and gain access to NHI program discounts, year-round online leadership and college prep events, monthly newsletters, and more. 

What does the payment schedule look like?

NHI will provide details about the payment schedule upon acceptance into the program. 

NHI is committed to flexibility - that is, payment plans and fundraising tools are available to all families who request them. 

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