NHI Campaigns

Join our efforts to identify and develop our future community leaders! With over 35 years of developing over 90,000 youth, NHI asks you to consider donating to one of our causes.

Opportunities to Invest in NHI


Change a Life Leadership Campaign

This project is your opportunity to financially support a strong candidate to attend the LDZ. No other program for Latino youth offers such a hands-on, lasting impact on the mindsets of youth regarding their important leadership roles in the future.

NHI Staff Contact:

Marisa Zepeda
(512) 357-6137 ext. 204

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Local Chapter Fund

There may be students in your local community who are eligible to enroll in NHI programs, but are experiencing financial setbacks. Other areas may need funds to rent practice locations, supplies, and transportation. This is where you can make a difference! Through our local chapter affiliates, we can direct your contributions to support the greatest needs of your local students.
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Youth Program Fund

For businesses and organizations wanting to associate with our strong. community mission, we invite you to get involved in supporting our programs. By helping with costs such as student meals, student housing, and student special events, you can also reap the rewards of branding your company name in our print and online magazines and in our public and private networks.
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Campus Fund

NHI seeks a broader relationship with donors and funding entities that share in our vision. Building and infrastructure are fundamental to the sustainability of our organization. If you wish to earn more about our campus and plans, contact the office of the president at 512-357-6137.
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