Alumni and friends who participate in spreading the word about NHI’s leadership initiatives are welcome to help. We offer a number of ways to request information from NHI and to support our efforts. In addition, volunteers sustain our organization by staffing at summer programs and serving in various roles. If you are interested in volunteering please fill out the form here.

For High School Students

High school students can participate as “John F. Lopez” fellows. John F. Lopez was NHI’s first “youth volunteer,” in 1983 after completing the LDZ program as a high school sophomore. Not only did Lopez return to his local high school to recruit new students to participate, but he volunteered countless hours of time during the summer months to serve as a counselor for other NHI students.

If you are in high school, are an alumnus of NHI, and want to learn more about the JFL fellow volunteer program, submit your info here.

College Students

If you are an NHI alumnus and wish to volunteer during the summer, apply for paid summer internships, participate as a volunteer at Celebracion, or spread the word about programs, please submit your information here. More information can be found about our summer internship here.

Young Professionals and Graduate School Students

If you are an NHI alumnus and want to continue your involvement with NHI, we are always looking to develop future on-site directors, education directors, conference planners, etc. Please let us know of your interest here.

Professionals and General Volunteers

If you are an NHI alumnus and want to donate, help raise funds, or contribute as an adult volunteer, we have many projects like Celebracion, summer programs, or projects at the office in Maxwell! We need a lot of help! Start helping here.