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Partners & Sponsors

Welcome to the official section of our website where we thank our partners and sponsors!

Our Partners

The National Hispanic Institute (NHI) deeply values its relationships with college partners who host our transformative events and are an integral part of our college register. These partnerships are essential, as they provide vital spaces and resources that contribute to the success and impact of our programs. The colleges and universities collaborating with NHI are pivotal in nurturing the next generation of Latino leaders by facilitating environments where students can grow, network, and enhance their leadership skills. By opening their campuses to our events, these institutions demonstrate a commitment to diversity and the empowerment of the Hispanic community. NHI appreciates these partners' ongoing support and collaboration, recognizing that their involvement is crucial to advancing our mission of fostering future leaders within the global Latino community.

Our Sponsors

The National Hispanic Institute greatly values the generous support of our sponsors, whose contributions are fundamental to our organization's operational success and the accessibility of our programs for students. These sponsors enable us to offer a range of impactful events and initiatives by helping to cover essential costs and providing scholarships that ensure students are included and not left out due to financial constraints. This support not only aids in the smooth execution of our programs but also enriches the experience, allowing us to reach a broader audience and make a more significant impact. Our sponsors are vital partners in our mission to empower and develop the leadership potential of young Latino leaders. Their commitment is profoundly appreciated as it allows NHI to continue nurturing and inspiring the next generation of influential voices in the Latino community. View and visit our Sponsors!

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